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28th May 2018

Sell your solution…/pitch-perfect-the-experts-gui…

Pitch perfect: The expert's guide to selling an idea

Don Draper turned it into an art form, but for the rest of us pitching can be a terrifying prospect. An ad man, a Dragon's den investor and a TV producer give their top tips.


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25th May 2018

#MotivationMonday #ElonMusk

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21st May 2018

Newbie? Get started here:

25 Things Every Newbie Needs to Know About Starting a Business

Consider these tips "stuff I wish I had known when I was young and stupid."


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18th May 2018

#MotivationMonday #BusinessNow

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14th May 2018

Pay for performance?…/case-study-the-motivating-power-…/…

The Motivating Power of "Pay For Performance"


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11th May 2018

#MotivationMonday #PushForward

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7th May 2018

Artificial Intelligence vs Humans…/worried-a-robot-will-replace-…

Worried a robot will replace you? Treat AI as an opportunity

With predictions of automation taking over and mass unemployment, it's hard not to feel panicked. But the future of work could be liberating


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4th May 2018