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Now then now then, the New Year approaches and all the challenges it brings with it.
Where do you want to be this time next year?
Set goals and smash them!
For Now, enjoy the evening :)

31st Dec 2017

A guy from Liberia messaged me on Facebook asking if I would send him electronic devices. Am I being scammed or am I getting into an exciting new business opportunity? The saga begins with this video.

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29th Dec 2017

Think the photo says it all!
Enjoy the festive season
From everyone behind the scenes :D

Merry Christmas

20th Dec 2017

Monday motivation #KeepGoing

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18th Dec 2017

Invest Smart

The 4 Investments That Pulled Me Out of Nearly a Million Dollars in Debt -- and That Cost Nothing

If you feel something is lacking in your life, it may be because you're not investing in one or more of these four things.


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15th Dec 2017

#Humble #MotivationMonday

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11th Dec 2017

Get Productive!…/nearly-90-smes-suffering-pro…/

Majority of UK SMEs suffering from productivity woes

Small businesses are struggling with productivity and efficiency according to new research.


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8th Dec 2017

Take your business to the next level.

Lyndale Social Media


6th Dec 2017

#Monday Motivation

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4th Dec 2017

#Forbes #Top100

Ten Myths About Social Networking For Business - pg1


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1st Dec 2017