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Lyndale Social Media is all about getting you the results you need for your business. Whether you're established in your industry or simply starting out, we can help you plan Marketing strategies, create engaging content and establish your place as an expert in your field.

Well over 50% of SMEs (Small Medium Enterprises) have a dedicated social media presence(1), and the majority if not all of your customer base will have some form of social media account. The key to tapping into this hidden form of recommendation marketing is to ask yourself: “How can I engage these customers to act as ambassadors for the service or product I offer?”

Another important factor with social media is that the mobile device is now more prevalent than the traditional computer or laptop browser. Statistics show almost half of all searches now are done via a mobile or tablet device(2). You will want to make sure that search leads to your business website and your social media presence to maximise enquiries from potential clients.

The possibilities for your business are astronomical, find out more information about our team or contact us via our contact page.


(1) Over 65% of SME'S have social media presence

(2) Between 51% and 60% of all Google searches are from a mobile/tablet device





Main Photo by Rami Al-zayat on Unsplash